Our Process

Construction Cleaning

In order to meet the demands of today's cutting-edge facilities, it is crucial to engage a subcontractor well-versed in the intricate science behind modern building methodologies. With an extensive track record spanning 25 years across various industries, our firm possesses the expertise to employ the most advanced cleaning techniques available. Our valued general contracting clients have reaped significant rewards, not just from our wealth of experience, but also from our unwavering commitment to collaborating closely with their management teams. Together, we devise practical solutions that optimize both the project schedule and budget, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

· Mechanical and Electrical Room Cleaning

· General Post Construction Cleaning

· Site Labor and Expediting of Debris Removal

· Data Center, Hospital, and Clean Room Cleaning

· Multifamily Tiered Cleaning

· Exterior Site Pressure Washing and Exterior Windows

· Large Scale Warehouse Distribution Centers

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Critical Facility Maintenance

Modern data centers, laboratory spaces, clean rooms, and operating suites necessitate a comprehensive comprehension of micro-contamination. GreenWave Solutions has established itself as a reputable provider of continuous facility maintenance cleaning services in exceedingly demanding and rigorous environments. Whether it be biosafety level 4 laboratories or highly secure government facilities dedicated to cloud computing, GreenWave's unwavering attention to detail remains unrivaled. We excel at tailoring maintenance plans that align with both your financial constraints and facility requirements.

· BSL Decontamination

· Secured Data Center Cleaning

· Subfloor environmental Audit

· Iso Class Cleaning 3-7

· Cleanroom Certification

· Mechanical AHU Cleaning

· Biopharm Wipedown

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Exterior Services

Esteemed builders demand a subcontractor capable of seamlessly managing every facet of cleaning throughout a project's lifecycle. GWS excels in delivering comprehensive turn-key exterior services, encompassing a wide range of specialized solutions. Our distinguished array of exterior services includes:

  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Parking Garages
  • Site Cleanup
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Indoor Environmental Cleaning

Today's high tech facilities require a company that has seen it all and done it all to a very high degree. Our approach is simple, to clean what can't be seen, you need to clean everything. GWS has the knowledge and experience to take your facility to the next level.

  • Secured Data Center Cleaning
  • Subfloor Environmental Audit
  • Secure Iso Class Cleaning 3-7
  • Cleanroom Certification
  • Electrical PDU Cleaning
  • Biopharm Wipedown
  • Generator Cleaning 
  • Fan Deck Cleaning 
  • Process Pipe Cleaning
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