Management Commitment

The goal of the GWS safety program is to protect our workers from actual hazards and from any potentially significant risks and establish compliance with both federal and state OSHA standards. Our effective safety program requires Five key Management Commitments that we have put in place.

Our Safety Program Prerequisites

1. An annual comprehensive safety and health program audit, and regular reviews by people qualified to recognize existing hazards and potentially significant risks. This is done by in-house staff and outside sources directed by our Safety Coordinator who has over 20 years of experience.

2. We have in place a reliable procedure that allows employees to report possibly hazardous conditions without fear of reprisal and to receive appropriate and timely responses.

3. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of equipment to prevent it from becoming hazardous.

4. Prompt investigation of accidents, near-misses, and incidents of injury or illness to identify causes and corrective actions.

Safety Rules and Regulations

Our safety program includes safety plans, rules, and work procedures for specific operations at our company.

1. Whether it is continuous OSHA training or being members of IEST and AFCOM, we are constantly looking forward to maintaining our status as experts in the critical environmental industry. We have systems and training that are thorough and understood by supervisors and employees. Each manager is OSHA 30 training as well as CPR certified. All employees follow a rigorous training program.

2. These rules include enforcement that all new hires go through safety training before they start on site. Training includes:

  • Arc Flash, Extension Cord and Use of GFCI, Ladder, PPE, Fall Protection and Lift, OSHA 10 Hrs required once Trial period ends.

3. We have established procedures for response to emergencies requiring personal protective equipment, first aid, medical care, or emergency evacuation, with emergency telephone numbers and exit routes visible to all workers, and have provided training and drills as needed.

4. We follow procedures, such as disciplinary action or reorientation, that are universally recognized and applied.

Safety Training

1. Our company's safety training program ensures that supervisors understand the hazards associated with the job, their potential effects on our workers, and their role in ensuring that workers follow the rules, procedures, and work practices for controlling exposure to hazards.

2. Workers are required that they understand the possible hazards and safe work procedures.

3. When personal protective equipment is required, employees understand the requirements, the reasons for it, the limitations of the equipment, and how to maintain and use it properly.

4. Our safety program include record-keeping and refresher training as required to insure that our workers measure up to and continuously improve in their safety performance.